As a real estate professional, it’s important to choose the right brokerage to join to ensure your success in the real estate industry. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your broker and how to know if Realty ONE Group Prosperity is the right brokerage firm for you:

Brokerage Size and Mentorship

When choosing a broker, real estate professionals should consider the brokerage firm’s size and reputation to determine if it’s the right fit. Some real estate professionals prefer mom and pop firms, but it can be difficult to excel in that setting without the corporate mentorship and backing of a nationally recognized and reputable brand.

Realty ONE Group Prosperity has more than 11,000 real estate professionals across the country. We encourage our real estate professionals to come into our office as much or as little as they want to. (Did we mention that we have kegs of beer and a margarita machine available in our office?) Even if our real estate professionals don’t want to come into the office, our experienced brokers will attend as many listing presentations, open houses and events with our team members as needed to help them succeed.


Some large real estate brokerages can be corporate and stuffy offering their real estate professionals little freedom and room for creativity. But not Realty ONE Group Prosperity. We don’t think of ourselves as a brokerage but an UNbrokerage because everything we do is UNtraditional. Instead of having a company culture, we have an UNmatchable “coolture.”

We believe that success comes from believing in one and other because together we all achieve more. Realty ONE Group Prosperity celebrates the independence of our real estate professionals giving them the FREEdom to be the CEO of their own businesses with the full support of our Realty ONE Group Prosperity family.


Many large real estate brokerage firms say that the tools and marketing they provide merit taking a large percent of commission splits, but Realty ONE Group Prosperity does the opposite. We believe that we thrive only when our real estate professionals are being fully rewarded for their hard work. This is why we offer the same bells and whistles as other firms, but we don’t take a piece of the commission. Our real estate professionals keep 100 percent commission on their sales.

Join Us

At Realty ONE Group Prosperity, we are looking to find the brightest and best real estate professionals in the industry to join our UNbrokerage. If you are a licensed or aspiring real estate professional in the greater Cincinnati area and want to be a part of a real estate brokerage firm that is disrupting the industry while helping our team members achieve their dreams, call 513-964-SOLD or contact us today. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram for our latest updates!

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