Realty ONE’s UNbeatable Commission Program

Realty ONE Group Prosperity is redefining the real estate industry by establishing an UNbrokerage with UNmatchable culture, or as we call it, “coolture.” By breaking boundaries and being UNtraditional in everything that we do since day ONE, we are different than other firms by making our real estate professionals the center of the equation.

ONE thing that makes us unique is our UNparalleled payment and commission plans for our real estate professionals. Here’s how Realty ONE’s commission program is different, comprehensive and UNbeatable compared to other companies:

Commission Plan

At Realty ONE, we believe that our real estate professionals make us who we are, which is why we have a you-first focus. We want you to celebrate the FREEdom to be the CEO of your own business and be rewarded for your hard work and for every sale. This is why unlike many real estate companies who split commissions, we offer 100 percent commission to our real estate professionals. YOU are in control of how much you can earn, and the potential is UNlimited. By choosing a career in the real estate industry with Realty ONE, you can have it all – 100 percent commission, full service and zero compromise.

Commission NOW Program

At our UNbrokerage, we provide UNbelievable experiences for everyONE of our real estate professionals, and our payment process is no different. Once you make a sale, we want you to be able to easily access your commissions as early as possible. Through our Commission NOW program, your funds can be approved the same day and transferred directly to your bank account. All you have to do is apply with our secure online application, and once you are approved you are ready to receive your UNcapped commissions immediately.

Get Started with Realty One

At Realty ONE Group Prosperity, we think of our team members like family. We have created an environment where our real estate professionals are empowered and trusted to achieve greater success faster. By equipping our team members with the support, technology, training and mentorship they need to be successful, we can help you have UNstoppable momentum and maximize your earnings.

If you are a current or aspiring real estate professional in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area who is ready to cause disruption through empowerment with the fastest growing real estate company in the industry, unlock your rock star potential and earn 100 percent commission on every home you sell, contact us or call 513-964-SOLD.

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