How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

In the modern era of technology, consumers are connected to information more than ever before.  When it comes to the real estate industry, Internet access, mobile devices and social media have transformed the way that real estate is bought and sold. Here’s how technology is changing the home buying process and how Realty ONE Prosperity Group helps our team members become UNstoppable through technology:

Internet Access

With 50 percent of home buyers finding the home that they purchased online, consumers have direct access to search for real estate before they view the property in person. This access not only saves time for the home buyer but ultimately saves real estate professionals time and operating costs by having the potential buyer further along in the sales funnel.

Mobile Devices

Millennials are revolutionizing the real estate industry making up 36 percent of all homebuyers and the largest demographic purchasing homes for the past five years, which is why it’s important for real estate professionals to understand how millennials are searching for real estate. Compared to 68 percent of younger baby boomers, approximately 81 percent of millennials found their home on a mobile device, so real estate professionals need to make sure that their listings are optimized for mobile viewing.

Social Media

In addition to Internet access and mobile devices, social media is another way that home buyers are accessing home listings, and real estate professionals need to leverage social media to reach them. With 97 percent of real estate professionals citing that they use Facebook, 47 percent say that they get their best leads from social media, which is why it’s important for real estate professionals to utilize social media platforms to list homes and develop their brands online.

Realty ONE Group and Technology

Realty ONE Group understands how technology plays a role in the success of our real estate professionals. With only 29 percent of real estate professionals saying that they are completely satisfied with the technology that their firms offer, Realty ONE Group provides our real estate professionals with technology that is UNmatchable compared to other real estate firms. We allow 24/7 access to our tools and systems to make sure that our real estate professionals receive the cutting-edge technology necessary for their success anytime, anywhere.

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