how real estate agents can sell more listings

With the real estate market cooling a bit after a huge boom at the beginning of 2018, competition in the residential and commercial real estate sectors is heating up. Staying abreast of trends driving the real estate market is essential, especially how your competition is stacking up and what they are doing online.

Creating compelling content, including well-prepped homes before photoshoots is a way to engage with potential customers before they view a property. In fact, it’s the one tip Realtors have said helps them turn online views into in-person tours from highly interested buyers, which results in higher sales. Here’s why:

Enhancing Customer Experience and Engagement

The rise of virtual and augmented reality is changing the way sellers interact with consumers. Displaying 3D imaging and photo tours online can make potential real estate investors or buyers feel like they are onsite before setting foot on the property. Adding interactive features will also keep customers engaged with your website for a longer period of time if they enjoy their user experience. Increasing a potential customer’s time online can also help move them through the sales funnel and save time when they come to look at a property in person.

Increasing Credibility

As a residential or commercial real estate agent, a 3D walkthrough will not only give a customer a sense of what the property will look like, but it builds more brand trust and credibility than a real estate company who uses stock imagery and has an outdated look and feel on its website. Higher brand credibility will also attract clientele with higher home-buying budgets, which will increase your marketing ROI spent on your listings and website.

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