How Real Estate Professionals Can Change Brokers Successfully

There are many reasons why real estate professionals change brokerage firms. Poor commission splits, a lackluster company reputation and the absence of mentorship and leadership are just a few.

In a booming economy and thriving real estate market, real estate professionals have many options for which companies to join. Here are some tips on how to successfully make the right decision about changing brokerages and how Realty ONE Prosperity Group makes sure that our real estate professionals will never want to change brokerages:

Research Commission Splits

It’s important to research a firm’s commission split before changing companies. Many brokers claim that they offer the tools for real estate professionals to succeed and therefore take a large percentage of commission on a sale. At Realty ONE Group, we guarantee transparency about our commission structure with our real estate professionals because we have a YOU first focus where everyONE matters and everyONE has a voice. We believe that our real estate professionals are our number ONE asset, which is why we offer 100 percent commission.

Consider Company Reputation

Another reason that real estate professionals can struggle with success when changing brokerage firms is by not paying attention to a company’s reputation before making the change. Realty ONE Group has established its reputation in both greater Cincinnati and nationally as a company that is UNtraditional and provides UNbelievable experiences for everyONE. We provide our real estate professionals with the best possible training, leadership and mentorship so that anyone can succeed.

Find Leadership

Some of the most important things to consider to successfully change brokers are the mentorship, leadership and training tools provided by the brokerage firm. Realty ONE Group doesn’t leave our real estate professionals to fend for themselves when it comes to their success. Our brokers meet with our real estate professionals monthly to provide coaching to make sure they are on the right track to success. We will also accompany our real estate professionals to as many presentations and open houses as needed for their success.

Make a Change

Realty ONE Group’s goal is to build a company that fosters a unique culture and gives everyone a voice so that we succeed together. We create new opportunities opening doors for everyone, every day and provide the best support for real estate professionals to successfully change brokers when they join us.

If you are a licensed or aspiring real estate professional in the Greater Cincinnati area looking to make a change to a brokerage firm that is disrupting the industry while empowering our team members, call 513-964-SOLD or contact us via our website today! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram for our latest updates!

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