Coolture vs. Culture

A company’s culture is more than just a part of the business, it’s how it does business. Making sure employees feel supported, fit in with the company and have a voice are essential for creating a positive company culture that encourages everyone to work hard and succeed.

At Realty ONE Group Prosperity, we believe in building a unique culture focused on empowerment, where our team members are supported and everyONE has a voice. Our coolture is a big part of what sets us apart from other brokerage firms, and is why we’re one of the most innovative, UNtraditional and fastest-growing firms in the country.

UNlike Anything Else

Since day ONE we’ve taken an UNtraditional approach to everything we do, and our coolture is no different. UNlike other firms where brokers and agents are expected to work their way through the ranks, there’s no ranking system at Realty ONE Group Prosperity. Here everyone is treated as equals. We’re passionate about what we do and it’s part of what brings us together. We have no two agents who are the same. Some prefer to work out of our offices and relax with a drink from our keg or margarita machine, some come into the office only when absolutely necessary. Just like our many clients, our agents are unique and we are here to support them in the way they need – not force them to fit into a mold.

Helping You RevUp Your Career

Support is one of the foundations of the coolture at Realty ONE Group Prosperity. We want to make sure all of our team members have the opportunity to grow professionally and achieve their dreams. Our RevUp mentoring program helps put our team members on the path to success, learning how to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships, how to grow their business and to give them tips, as needed, for successfully closing sales. We believe the best way for our agents to UNlock their rockstar potential is when we unite around their goals to help them succeed.

Committed To Your Success

We understand that our agents’ hard work is what makes us the number one fastest-growing real estate brand in the nation. Our YOU-first focus means everyONE matters and we succeed when YOU succeed. Our UNtraditional approach means no splitting commissions. YOU did the hard work, so YOU deserve 100 percent of the commission on everyONE of your sales.

A Culture UNlike Any Other

We believe in breaking the mold and taking an UNtraditional approach to redefining the industry. Our coolture is UNlike any other, and our commitment to making sure everyONE has a voice is what sets us apart.

If you’re an aspiring or licensed real estate professional in the Greater Cincinnati area looking to join a team where everyONE has a voice, call us at 513-964-SOLD and let’s talk today! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram for our latest updates!

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